Want to Successfully Become a Morning Person? Here’s How!

By Zoe Verelli

Rise and shine sleepy head! Today’s the day you attempt to make some changes to your sleep habits. Don’t get us wrong, we would all love the opportunity to sleep in every day snuggled up in bed on what feels like the coziest of clouds. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for most of us. Instead, we’re plagued by dark circles, coffee-stained shirts and tedious all-day yawns.

Wouldn’t it be great to somehow become a morning person? Someone who wakes up with purpose, gets things going and makes it to work feeling fully rejuvenated and ambitious to start the day. This scenario doesn’t have to be so farfetched.

Realistically speaking, there are so many advantages to getting a good night’s sleep and training your body and mind to transition into becoming a morning person. Follow this quick 5-step rule and you’ll start welcoming sunlight as eagerly as you welcome bedtime.

1. Get more sleep

Come on, you had to know this would make the list! Allowing yourself to have a minimum of 7-9 hours of sleep will rectify many of the issues you find yourself having in the morning, such as tiredness and laziness. Apart from having more energy and feeling rested, you’ll also experience heightened mood and concentration, lower stress levels, enhanced memory, as well as lower blood pressure.

2. Same wake time every day

Another way to train your body and ease your way into becoming a morning person is setting your alarm at the same time every day. This way, you’ll be physically and mentally exercising your capacity to maintain an internal clock; you’ll even find yourself waking up right before your alarm goes off… imagine that! The same thing goes for the weekend. Of course, you can give yourself a little leeway but don’t depend on that.

3. Go to bed when you’re tired

We have the tendency to stay up and welcome any opportunity to get distracted by TV, social media and evening plans. Don’t fall into this bad habit. Your body and mind know when they’re tired, listen to them. This means you should hit the sack when you’re actually feeling tired… no excuses!

4. Avoid screens before bed

Your bedroom should be a relaxing space void of any distractions, including screens. We’re so used to staring at screens all day, it’s nice to give your brain a little break at night. This is not to say that you can’t check your phone or watch your favourite TV shows after a long day of work but try to limit these activities at least 15 minutes before sleep.

5. Plan your mornings

Give yourself motivational reasons to wake up in the morning. Whether it is work, the gym or plans with friends, have your mornings scheduled so that you can wake up wanting to take on the long day ahead.

Follow these short 5 steps and you’ll be well on your way to becoming a succesful morning person (YAY!).



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