By Zoe Verelli

Winter is coming.

It’s entirely true, and by the looks of it, it’s going to be one of the harshest and coldest yet, which means we’re all in for an interesting next few months. We know it’s hard to face the fact that summer is behind us, but it is. For now, we’ve got to think about preparing ourselves for the long, strenuous season of winter.

Here are five ways you and your family, friends, or loved ones can tackle and survive the change in weather:



  1. Mental Preparation

The first thing you need to do is mentally prepare yourself. This means convincing your brain that the next couple of months will be cold, so very cold, and snowy, so very snowy. It’s true, days feel longer, darker even, but spring will come. It always does. Besides, it’s not so bad. Most of us are used to it by now. I mean we sort of have to be, we live in Canada…



  1. Health/Medicinal Preparation

If you’re anything like me, and know that you’re a sucker for colds, you might as well stock up right now on any and all cold medications. This includes cough, sore throat, flu, fever, headache, and running nose medications. Don’t forget any of it, because it WILL come in handy. If this doesn’t do the trick, and you become sick anyway, make sure to visit your family doctor ASAP to get rid of that nasty cold. Be responsible and save yourselves from future ache, folks!


  1. Home

Now, there are two very different, but essential ways that you can prepare your homes for winter.

First, you must ensure that your home is properly prepped to withstand the cold weather. Don’t forget to store any props you may have laying around outside. Take a look at your plumbing and heating, they both need to be up to par.

The second (and most fun) way is to cozy up your home. Bring out the blankets, the candles, and if you celebrate the holiday season, you can plunge into decorating your home to compliment the season. So exciting!


2. Vehicle

For those of you who drive and own/rent a car, you’ve got to take care of it and prepare it for snowy and icy roads as well as the cold temperature.

Here are some of the most important things to do first:

-Get your winter tires on. You have till the 15th of December. Don’t wait till last minute.

-Stock up on anti-freeze, it’s a must!

-Check, fix, and/or replace your windshield wipers. These guys are your best friend, treat them well.

-Inspect the electrical system of the car, such as the battery and charging systems.

-Get yourself a good snowbrush, you’ll need it!



  1. Clothing

By now, you guys know the drill. Get yourself a warm winter jacket, gloves, scarf, hat, and boots. You cannot survive without any of these, so get on it and don’t waste any mo’ time!

Good luck to you all. We at YA Media believe in you.

Happy winter!


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