5 Things to Keep in Mind for Your New Year’s Resolutions

By Zoe Verelli

It’s about to be 2017 ; time has gone by so incredibly fast. This time around, it would seem that most folks are eager to begin a new year with fresh experiences, hoping to leave 2016 behind, given its strange, difficult, and pretty terrible rep.

For some, a new year accompanies one or more New Year’s resolutions. Now, accomplishing a New Year’s resolution isn’t the easiest thing to do. We may not have the energy or strength to go through with it, or work and other commitments may get in the way.

In order to ease the process and help out our fellow Ya Media readers, we’ve decided to come up 5 things to keep in mind when thinking about New Year’s resolutions:


  1. How to Choose

Find something in your life or part of your lifestyle that you believe needs changing or fixing. It can range from a negative habit to health and fitness. It helps to narrow it down to one specific thing. This way, all of your time and focus is allocated to one goal for 2017.



  1. Make Sure it’s Reasonable

Don’t exaggerate. Don’t be unrealistic. Think of a change that is positive and well-deserved, and will ultimately better your life in some way or another. Give yourself a reasonable amount of time to tackle your New Year’s resolution, and make sure to come up with a plan that you’re capable of sticking to.



  1. Look for Support

Trying to see through a New Year’s resolution is difficult. Look to your family and friends for support. More often than not, these people can help preserve and maintain a drive in you that will help you to achieve any and all of your goals.


Man using scissors to remove the word can't to read I can do it concept for self belief, positive attitude and motivation

  1. Change Your Mind-Set

No negativity here! Change your self-talk and mindset to accommodate positivity. Positive vibes will take you where you need to go. There’s no need to put yourself down or be pessimistic. It’s a new year, let go of all that negativity!



  1. Stay Confident

You can’t let impatience or slow progress get in the way of your confidence. It takes time, hard work, and dedication – if you’ve got these three things locked down, you’re on your way to accomplishing your New Year’s resolution. You have to stay confident and tell yourself you can and will do this!


You can certainly accomplish your goals for 2017 but remember, it takes time!

Happy New Year to our Ya Media readers!


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