5 Stores for Crazy Boxing Day Deals

By Zoe Verelli

Every year, December 26 brings together the most wildly dedicated and witty spenders of the community. Every store and shopping mall is packed with those eager to find special deals on desirable objects.

Most of us know what to expect when leaving the house way early and heading out, all pumped up, to stand in line in hopes of being effective in our shopping and spending.

It is no secret that making it through this particular day is a success on its own, but making sure to take advantage of the best stores for Boxing Day deals is another – it isn’t always easy. For this reason, we thought we’d help out our Ya Media readers and provide you with 5 places that carry crazy Boxing Day deals.


  1. Walmart

As one of the largest retail stores, Walmart racks in great deals on great products. Many individuals anticipate sales on expensive, efficient products and usually find themselves satisfied. If Walmart is the place you’re looking to visit on this particular day, you’ll be surprised by the sales on electronics, home décor, and personal supplies.


  1. Online

The world that is online shopping can be so exhilarating and fun! A wide range of online platforms, such as Amazon.com or Ebay.com, offer some of the greatest deals. The best part is that you don’t have to physically get out of your house to witness the deals and shop for them. You can avoid the headache and accomplish it all comfy and cozy in your home.


  1. Toys R Us

Toys R Us is definitely one of the best stores to visit for Boxing Day. It’s a great place to go if you’re looking for some last minute gifts for kids. It offers deals on games, childcare products, and so many more. But keep in mind, the line is guaranteed to be long, so you’ve got to get there early in order to be one of the lucky firsts let in.


  1. Best Buy

Best Buy is THE place to be on Boxing Day for all you tech-savvy, tech-lovers out there. Every year, its deals on electronics surpass any other electronic stores, as it guarantees sales on video games, TVs, laptops, and many more. If you’re someone who is completely infatuated by technology, don’t miss out on Best Buy’s offers this year!


  1. Eaton Centre

The Eaton Centre is located in the heart of downtown, and carries a wide range of stores that are sure to fit any one of your shopping needs. The sales offered have the tendency to range from 20% to 50% off, and can be found at places such as ALDO, Little Burgundy, Old Navy, La Senza, and so many more! So, why not take advantage? You’re sure to make it home with a big, accomplished grin on your face.

Happy Boxing Day to you all, we wish you the best of luck!

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