5 Facts You Should Know About Anxiety

By Zoe Verelli

Anxiety is a constant feeling of worry or unease that plagues an individual’s thoughts, emotions, and body. Some individuals have the misfortune of dealing with anxiety disorders, which means that their anxiety interferes with their daily routines, making it extremely difficult to lead a normal life.

It may seem to those who do not suffer from anxiety that this struggle is based on irrational thoughts and feelings, but the truth is that it’s very different for the person who is directly going through these intense experiences. What they think, believe, and feel all seem very real to them, and there is only so much they can do to cope with it.

Because of the importance of awareness, we’ve put together a list of 5 facts most people should know about anxiety, or refuse to recognize as the truth:



Fact 1: There is no cure

Contrary to popular belief, there is no cure for anxiety. Sure, there are certain medications that help to induce calm and relaxed sensations, and there are exercises that can teach an individual suffering from anxiety to control their struggles more efficiently, and become more mindful of their emotions and self-talk, but these offer only temporary relief.


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Fact 2: Symptoms are wide-ranging

There are a myriad of symptoms those with anxiety must face on a regular basis. Some suffer from heart palpitations, insomnia, shortness of breath, dry mouth, and much more. The important fact to remember is that not every individual with this mental illness experience the same or all symptoms. They vary from case to case, but this doesn’t mean that certain symptoms are more or less severe than others. They are equally difficult to deal with.



Fact 3: Emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion is common

Most individuals with anxiety have the tendency to become overly tired, especially if they are also having trouble sleeping. When anxiety strikes, the mind and emotions of an individual spiral and become overwhelming. It becomes incredibly difficult to cope with. This is why many people experience emotional, mental, and physical exhaustion.



Fact 4: Keeping busy is necessary

Though anxiety can be extremely crippling, some individuals find it necessary to keep busy in order to quiet their thoughts and emotions. They may take up a hobby or participate in an activity in order to distract themselves.



Fact 5: Support and patience

When someone suffers from anxiety, it becomes easy to distance themselves from others and feel like they’re alone but this makes it even harder to cope with. This is why it’s essential to be supportive of and patient with your loved one, family member, or friend during their time of need; it can go a very long way.


We shouldn’t judge or assume things about others. Anxiety is a real issue for a lot of individuals. Keeping yourself informed is a good way to be present and supportive of others, and can even go as far as to help end the stigma surrounding mental illness.



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