By Ashley Scocco

Date night can be a stressful topic in our day and age. No matter how creative or original you may be, it’s hard to think of killer date night ideas on a regular basis. Whether you’re celebrating an anniversary, getting away from the kids, or looking for an interesting first date idea, here is a list of the best date night ideas for all ages:




Le Bateau Mouche is the perfect date idea. The boat is located in the Old Port of Montreal and takes its guests past the Olympic Stadium and then towards the Victoria Bridge. They offer brunch and dinner and their food features Quebec’s Nordic cuisine as well as gourmet pastries. If you’re looking for good food with a view, Le Bateau Mouche is the perfect date for you and your significant other!

For more info: http://www.bateaumouche.ca/en/home.html




What better way to spend an evening than being surrounded by comedy and laughter? The Comedy Nest is located in downtown Montreal on the 3rd floor of the Forum. The shows are set in a cabaret-style setting and offer a full-service bar, delicious food, and pre-show videos up until their show times. The 90 minute shows cost maximum 15$ per person depending on the show and showcase some of the best comedian in North America, as seen on The Tonight Show, David Letterman, Just For Laughs, The Comedy Network, and more!

For more info: http://comedynest.com/




Perfect for the thrill-seeking type, Trapped is the biggest real life room escape game in Canada. Trapped turns fantasies (or nightmares) and movie scenes into a reality. Their current themes are Ancient Pyramid, Medieval Prison, Contaminated Hospital, Death Note, and Chaos Effect. The main goal of Trapped is to solve a mystery within a room while respecting a certain time frame. Clues inside the room will help guide you to solve the mystery. Being able to work together is a huge must for this type of activity so not only will it serve as a fun date, but a compatibility test as well!

For more info: https://trapped.ca/




Ateliers & Saveurs is located in the Old Port and offers classes on cocktail making, cooking, and wine tasting. Its teachers are a team of professionals in the restaurant industry who wish to share their experiences in the industry with you, through the many classes offered at Ateliers & Saveurs. Though they offer cooking and wine tasting, their claim to fame is their mixology 101 courses. These classes usually last about 1-2 hours and are filled with enthusiasm (and alcohol). This date night idea is a perfect alternative to “let’s go grab a drink”.

For more info: http://www.ateliersetsaveurs.com/en




Inspired by a party serving beer and wine at a paint studio, Paint Nite was created to enable people to do exactly that. Paint Nite is a global community of local artists sharing their passion by hosting painting lessons at local bars and restaurants. The process is fast and easy–you select your area on their website and a variety of paintings will appear. You then select the time frame and painting that works for you and that’s it! All of the materials are included, from the paint to the canvas to your smock. There is no experience required seeing as the artist will walk you through the painting one stroke at a time. The evening is meant to be a fun experience, while serving drinks such as cocktails, wine, and sangria. Paint Nite is the perfect date night idea for anyone looking for something fun and creative to do!

For more info: https://www.paintnite.com/


With the help of these exciting suggestions, I’m sure that your next date night will be a memorable one!


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