5 Christmas Gifts to Give

By Zoe Verelli

For those who celebrate the Christmas holiday, you’re definitely starting to realize how close the day is. It can all be so stressful: from figuring out plans to making sure to get every special person in your life a decent gift. This is no easy task. Despite how hard we try at keeping in mind the person’s likes and interests, we aren’t always successful at picking out the best gift for someone.

This is why we’ve decided to come up with 5 gift ideas you’ll be sure to get away with this Christmas:


  1. Money

If you’re fresh out of ideas, remember that you can never go wrong with some good old fashion money. Everyone wants it, everyone needs it. You can be sure to make a special someone happy with an envelope full of it. This way, you know they’ll make use of it and it won’t end up somewhere stuck in the back of a closet.



  1. Clothing

You’ve got to be sure you know the person’s sense of fashion. If their taste is beyond your knowledge, stick with basic pieces, such as t-shirts and long sleeved shirts. The perk about Christmas being during the winter season, you can include pieces like hats, gloves, and scarves. The gift receiver will definitely appreciate the effort. Just remember to include a gift receipt in case an exchange is needed to be made.



  1. Essentials

The essentials include any products from your local pharmacy, perfumes or colognes, and for those who own their own car, a gas card. All of which are perfect ideas for gifts, and will be come in handy for any individual.



  1. Gift Card

Some people are just too picky to shop for. There’s no shame in getting them a gift card to a store they enjoy shopping at. In fact, most people would be relieved at the fact that they can use the money as they wish, and not have to worry about whether they will like or dislike a gift someone got them. For this reason, it’s sometimes just easier to put the power in their hands.



  1. Personal Gift

Giving someone a gift that’s of personal value will be more than satisfactory for both parties. Think of a memory you may have shared with each other, or a gift that corresponds with a passion of theirs. Adding sentimental value to a gift can make a huge difference in the way the person will react and feel about your gift.

We at YA Media wish all of you the best of luck in starting and finishing up your Christmas shopping!

Just keep in mind that first and foremost, it’s the thought that counts. You’ve already done great by thinking of them in the first place.


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