The Go-To ‘fits for Summer!

By Zoe Verelli

Time to put away those cozy knit sweaters and long winter jackets because summer is about to make its debut! We bet you are just as excited as we are. If that’s the case, you are probably wondering which looks will take over summer 2019. What a coincidence because we’ve been wondering the same thing! Ah, the perfect excuse to do some investigating (cue the magnifying glass). Well folks, here’s what we found:

  1. Boiling Hot

Cover up in the ‘it’ item of the season: the boiler suit. This all-in-one outfit embraces utility street style, a clean look that combines minimalism and neutral tones. Easy to throw together, you can complete the look by adding a lil’ touch of jewelry. Loooove it!

  1. Animal Instincts

Bold and wild prints are taking over the streets. We are talkin’ loud leopard prints and slithering snakeskin patterns that bring out your inner savage… fashionably, of course. Mix and match with different hues or add some solid pieces into the mix for a striking ‘fit you will be remembered for!

  1. Bike Riding

Let’s talk biker shorts. It seems that these bad boys have found their way back into the fashion scene. Not sure how to style them? We have got you covered! Try a blazer with a belt at the waist to create a chic ‘fit or an oversized tee for a casual-cool look.

  1. Power Suit

Take on a blazer and pant duo for an empowering look that means business. After all, the cool kids are doing it. Try going for some vibrant colours. This means put away ALL of the shades of black you are used to and comfortable with. Instead, lighten up your look with one of the many rainbow hues that stand out from the crowd.

  1. Back to Mini

Every season has its statement handbag and summer 2019 is no exception. The ‘in’ thing right now is miniature luxury handbags and clutches. With so many options out there to choose from, you are sure to find the right one to accentuate your outfit of the day. Have at it, girl.

It’s safe to say you are finally summer-ready… YAY!


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