Canadian Pizzaiolo Fosters An Authentic Roman Experience

By Alyssia Rubertucci


Passion is what drives Italian-native Chef Michele Casaleto tend to his restaurant, Pizzeria Redipizza, every day from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Casale finds himself in the kitchen of his pizzeria early in the morning to ensure that his restaurant’s vitrine showcases a plethora of pizza trays loaded with an array of toppings – around 20 different kinds of pizza to be precise – by the time opening hour rolls around.

At 11:30 a.m., after about three hours of prepping and cooking the pizzas, Casale opens his doors to the public, in time for the lunch rush.

Redipizza has become a popular fixture in Montreal since its opening in November of 2016. Through word of mouth and inviting pictures published on the restaurant’s Facebook page, Redipizza has amassed a regular clientele because of its unique concept.

Unlike a traditional pizzeria, Redipizza makes their pizzas differently. They don’t serve conventional pizza pies. This is because the pizza dough and recipe altogether are not the same.

They make a Roman style pizza, pizza al taglio, which is pizza by a rectangular slice at around $5 each. The dough itself is light; however, the slice is large in size and is topped with a variety of fresh produce and Italian ingredients, making one slice quite filling.

The dough recipe is quite complex and its cooking is a delicate process. Casale says his mastery of the process is owed to “the best school in Roma, and a secret recipe from his homeland.

What sets it apart from traditional pizza dough is once it is prepared, it must rest for 72 hours before cooking, in order to ensure that it will grow properly – a crucial component to getting what Casale says is the best result. The specific time taken reduces the sugar content, making it easier to digest.

Casale is always three days ahead when estimating the quantity of dough needed for a given day – with each day fluctuating due to different demands.

The experience at Redipizza is authentic, to say the least.

But if you’re not quite in the mood for pizza, that isn’t the only thing on you’ll find on the menu.

They make fresh bread, sandwiches, focaccia, and other seasonal meals. They have even begun making porchetta in-house. Redipizza also serves up traditional Italian antipasto and dessert, as well as dessert pizzas, to complement your meal.

Not to mention, if you’d prefer enjoying your pizza from the comfort of your own home, Redipizza caters to take-out orders and now offers delivery as well.

For more information on Redipizza, you can head to their website:


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