How to Shift your mindset and transform quickly

One of the biggest secrets to success in every area of your life: surround yourself with a supportive tribe of mentors and inspiring people who are 2 steps ahead of where you want to be. Even when it comes to your health this is the real key to transformation. 

Like the saying goes “you are the sum of the 5 people you hang around the most”.

My mentors INSPIRE me daily to choose healing foods, and are constantly reminding me WHY these foods are helpful. It was almost by accident that I became a healthier person over the years. I’m not PUSHING myself… I’m INSPIRED and MOTIVATED to nourish my body and that is a very different feeling.



  • Reach out to anyone you may already know that inspires you and commit to hanging out with them more often, this will lead to their good habits spilling into your new life.
  • Join (today! not next week) new activities for the person you want to be… you can join my free hiking group lol!
  • Change what you hear and see, you might not be able to change the people around you but you can be mindful of the information you are letting into your mind. Edit your social media-for more inspiration and less things that bring you down or waste your time. Listen to inspiring podcast and audio books on your daily commute.
  • Hire a coach or mentor-this has been the fastest way to transformation for myself, something magical happens when you pay for help, you are more likely to commit, plus someone is always keeping you accountable.


Here is an extra dose of inspiration for today. Try this super fresh & tasty green juice from my beautiful inspiring friend Sonia .

1.5 cucumbers

2 green apples

1 lemon peeled

A big piece of ginger

Big handful of mint

2 big leafs of curly kale

Handful spinach

Pass through a juicer, makes approximately 500ml


Let me know how I can help spark change in your life, I’m always just an email ( away:)





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