How To Pack Your Carry-On For The Upcoming Long Weekends

By: Amanda Terrigno

Long weekends are coming up. Here is a quick read to give you a few simple tips to make sure you pack your carry-on efficiently this fall. 

. Wear the same outfit to go and return from your trip. Keep it colorful, so it can match everything. 

. Try to bring a plastic bag (vacuum suction) or packing cubes. 

. Instead of laying your clothes flat, try rolling them when placing them in your carry-on. 

. Maximize your shoes (one evening, one daytime). 

. Pack clothes that can be mixed matched (stick to a color scheme).


What NOT to pack!

. Studies show people usually bring unnecessary items when they go away for the weekend. You should ask yourself, if you really need all the  electronics you plan on bringing. If your trip is strictly leisure, try unwinding from social media.

. If you like to read, instead of packing heavy books, try bringing a tablet. 

. If you are flying, don’t forget to check TSA or Catsa requirements before going to the airport. More specifically if you are carrying any liquids, gels, or aerosols. 

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