Food Trends for 2019

By: Stephanie Lopraino

The food trends for 2019 are out and they may surprise you. Some of the items are “back to basics” while others are more futuristic. They reflect a greater trend towards improving eating habits and overall health and lifestyle. So what’s hot for 2019?

The millennial favorite avocado toast is seeing a big change in 2019. Alternative spreads with beets and blue-green algae powder are going to be a hit. Think pink, blue, and purple tones with edible stars, gold glitter and florals – all trends for 2019. Galaxy and mermaid themed foods such as toasts and desserts are a trend to look out for.


While crockpots and pressure-cookers are expected to hold popularity, there has been a surge in the search for foil wrapped recipes. This reflects a trend towards minimizing prep and mess and adding tons of flavor.

Homemade bread- particularly fermented breads like sourdough will be trending. This is a recipe you’ll “knead” for the New Year! The use of fermented foods, pickled foods and other probiotic gut healthy foods like kombucha and kimchi will continue to rise in 2019. You can even expect to find probiotics packed into granola, oatmeal, nut butters, and even cosmetics, making it even easier to get these healthy bacteria.


Alternative milks have been popular in recent years. We anticipate more homemade alternative milks, particulary oat milk. Move over almond milk, theres a new milk in town. This year we will see an increase in dairy-free products with new options like kefir and ghee.


More people have been moving away from animal food products all together giving the way for more plant based diets like veganism. We will see this meatless lifestyle taken to a futuristic level with the introduction of lab grown meat. These engineered proteins are made by taking cells from animals instead of killing them, then breeding them on a large scale. “Faux meat” will also be on the rise swapping out meat with ingredients that provide the same amount of protein. One wild alternative that will gain popularity is cricket powder protein.


The one single food that is predicted to see a lot of popularity in 2019 is the mighty mushroom. In-lieu of meat many will turn to mushrooms for their meaty taste and texture.

With the boost of meatless menus, there will be a surge in seafood snacks. These snacks go beyond seaweed. Think kelp jerky and salmon skins packed with omega 3’s and superfood properties.

You may have heard a lot about Keto and Vegan diets in 2018 but Flexitarian and Pegan diets will trend in the New Year. Flexitarianism is a mixed diet balancing meat and veggies, making sure to get quality proteins and essential amino acids that may be missing in a vegan diet. The Pegan diet avoids sugars including refined carbohydrates and fruits. It is a mostly plant based diet with healthy fats while also avoiding hormones, pesticides, antibiotics in foods.

People are now more conscious about the ingredients they buy and consume leading to more of us buying locally and wasting less. This New Year whether you decide to keep it simple with your food or try some new space-age trends, it is clear that 2019 is all about variety.

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