4 ways to organize your closet for the season

By Valeria Cori-Manocchio

Keeping your closet organized can be challenging: do you organize by season, colour or fabric type? Or do you fold or hang everything? Here are some helpful tips to keep your wardrobe looking organized and well thought out.

1. Sort your wardrobe

Having an organized wardrobe starts with knowing what is already in your closet. Before you begin folding and rearranging the space, sort every article of clothing and accessory to decide if you want to keep them. More often than not, our closets are full of pieces we forgot we owned that end up occupying unwanted space. Don’t be afraid to toss what you don’t wear and keep your wardrobe full of items you enjoy wearing.

2. Organize by how you want to see your wardrobe

Depending on your preference, your wardrobe can be organized in many ways; two of the most common are by colour or by season.

If you enjoy opening your closet door to see clothes arranged from the darkest to lightest shades then opting for a colour-based organizing scheme is perfect for you. Organizing your wardrobe becomes the fun task of placing clothing in an appealing, colourful way. There’s no correct or incorrect way to do this so you could start and end with any colour you prefer.

If you wake up on a cold Montreal winter morning searching your wardrobe for your warmest knit, then having your wardrobe organized by season would be ideal. Clothes can be divided into spring/summer and fall/winter. The items from the upcoming seasons are placed separate from the current season clothing.

For instance, if you have a single closet rod, the fall/winter items would go on the same side while the spring/summer articles would be on the opposite side. You could also do this with folded clothes by keeping long-sleeved shirts and sweaters and short-sleeved T-shirts and tank tops in separate drawers.

3. Don’t be afraid to divide your clothes by season and put them in another part of the house

Not all closets are made equal; if you find yourself with a very small space for your clothes, don’t be afraid to move some to another location in your house. To manage the clothes you aren’t wearing because of the seasonal weather, store them in unoccupied spaces around your home like the coat closet or inside suitcases. Not only will you have more space in your closet, the only real rearranging you need to do is transferring the clothes stored in the other part of the house to your closet once the seasons change.

4. Don’t forget about accessories

Having an organized closet also means having an organized space to arrange accessories like shoes, purses and jewelry. The best way to fit more accessories into your closet is to invest in organization tools like hanging shoe racks. These can be purchased at most home stores and allow you to maximize space for other storage.

If your purses end up all over your bedroom, try storing them in a deep drawer or placing smaller bags within larger ones for added space. This way, evening clutches and daytime totes are in one place and look neat and tidy.

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