4 reasons iPads can be beneficial in the classroom

By Valeria Cori-Manocchio

In today’s day and age, technology is changing the way children learn in the classroom and at home. Many schools have invested in iPads in order to introduce a fun and new alternative way of learning that their students can enjoy. However, iPads are especially helping children with learning disabilities. Here are four reasons why:

1. They are easy to use
For children with motor impairments, it’s much easier to tap a touchscreen with their finger rather than pointing a mouse and clicking a button or holding a pencil in place to write. While it’s important to develop those skills, too, iPads are more efficient as they are organized and easy to navigate. By using touch technology, the child can maintain their focus without struggling and will likely improve their motor skills over time.

2. They help those with audio or visual impairments

For visual learners, teachers can create lessons that will suit the student’s needs. Instead of a heavy text-based lesson, they can customize lessons with photos and videos to adapt to the child’s learning methods. There are also several touch-to-speak apps such as Proloquo2Go, which helps non-verbal children and encourages them to communicate through visual symbols. If a child is visually impaired, teachers can record lectures and share audio files with the student. An iPad has several functions and apps where you can speak to it and have it speak to you in order to perform certain functions. Therefore, students can simply record themselves speaking rather than writing.

3. They boost confidence 

Children with learning disabilities often have lessons suited for them and may work at a different pace than the rest of the class. They can sometimes feel left out because they know that they are being treated differently. However, with iPads this can be avoided. If the whole class is using iPads, nobody will feel left out or different because everyone is learning from the same gadget. Even though the course material might not be the same for everyone, nobody will notice a difference. iPads are popular and fun gadgets therefore nobody will get made fun of for using one, if anything this can create excitement among the students.

4. They keep students on track 

iPads are great for organization. Students will not have to worry about forgetting their homework sheets or losing their assignments. Everything is found on their tablet; therefore, they can spend more time learning and less time looking for their worksheets. Also, students can obtain instant feedback on their work. By completing exercises and quizzes on their tablets, most apps provide the students with instant results in which they can then assess and see where their strengths and weaknesses lie. Apple even has an “Apps for Special Education” section in the app store where students with learning difficulties can work on lessons
tailored to their individual needs.

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