3 healthy breakfast foods to start your family’s day

By Valeria Cori-Manocchio

Everybody knows breakfast is the most important meal of the day; it energizes and nourishes children and parents alike. However, finding nutritious options parents and children can enjoy during the morning rush out of the house can be tough. Here are some child and health consultant-approved ways to amp up a typical breakfast for the entire family.

1. Frozen Foods

“Time is among the biggest challenges families face in preparing healthy breakfasts,’’ says Mylaine Cardin, Prevention and Health Promotion Consultant for the Lester B. Pearson School Board.

One way parents can ensure a healthy breakfast for their families especially when a busy schedule doesn’t allow much time for grocery shopping, is to stock the freezer with frozen fruits without sugar additives. Simply thaw the fruits the night before or add some milk or juice and blender for a quick smoothie. Cardin suggests a half-cup of the fruit per serving.

2. The Mixed Bowl

More often than not, parents nd themselves with a pantry packed with sugary cereals their kids enjoy. To keep the sugar servings to a minimum for breakfast, Cardin says to look for cereals with fibre. The higher the fibre content, the more filling and energizing for families.

She also suggests that parents, as well as children, combine the healthiest, fibre-packed cereals with a smaller portion of the sweeter brands so cereal can be enjoyable and healthy for the entire family. There is no set ratio, but to mix in more of a cereal containing bre will keep parents and children fuller longer.

3. The Not-So-Humble Waffle or Muffin

Although a frozen waffle or muffin from the store is far from healthy, Cardin says it’s easy to add healthy elements to this meal. Starting with the waffle or muffin, opt for a whole-grain option.

Instead of a sugary topping, look for ingredients that will hold you over until lunch or a mid-morning snack: peanut butter, plain yogurt, rolled oats, fruit (fresh, dried or frozen) and any types of seeds or chopped nuts will do. This way, the carb base becomes a vessel for these healthy toppings and cannot only be enjoyed by children, but by parents as well.

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