10 Helpful Kitchen Hacks You Wish You Would Have Known Sooner

By Alyssa Luponio


Cooking and baking are not always easy; it is often extremely time consuming and it could actually become quite stressful at times. These 10 helpful kitchen hacks will guarantee to make your time spent in the kitchen a lot easier and less strenuous! I’m sure you will be surprised to see how simple and useful these hacks really are.


  1. Make your own buttermilk

Isn’t it annoying having to a buy a whole liter of buttermilk even though you only need 1 cup for your recipe? Take a cup of milk instead and just stir in two tablespoons of lemon juice to make your own!


  1. Stop making your vegetables boil over

If you notice that you always make your vegetables boil over, put a little piece of butter in the vegetables while they are cooking and they will never boil over.


  1. Make your mashed potatoes 10X better

By adding ½ teaspoon of baking powder to your mashed potatoes, you will keep them fluffy…


  1. Keep your brown sugar from hardening

Place a piece of sliced bread (perfect idea for using the “ugly” last piece of bread in a loaf) in your container of brown sugar. This will cause there to be less moisture so that hard clumps don’t start to form.


  1. Make the perfect hard boiled egg

If you want the perfect hard boiled egg, place the eggs in the pot on medium heat and wait for the water to boil. Once it comes to a boil, turn the heat off and leave the pot on the burner (with the cover on) for 15 minutes. To ensure easy pealing, allow them to sit in cold water for 10 minutes.


  1. Wet your fingers before removing egg shells

Have you ever accidentally got pieces of eggshells into your batter? You will be so surprised to find out how easy it is to remove the eggshell pieces if you simply wet your fingers first! You could also try using the rest of the shell to scoop out the broken pieces.


  1. Use unscented floss to cut soft foods like cake

Using dental floss will cleanly cut soft foods such as cake! Using the floss will prevent you from ruining the designs that are on the cake. Also, you can try running your knife under hot water from the tap, drying it off with a towel, and then cutting your cake. Your pieces will be a lot cleaner!


  1. Keep your kid’s hands clean with drip cups!

Do your kids always make messes when eating popsicles? Use muffin cups as drip catchers to keep their hands and their surroundings nice and clean! Simply pierce a hole into the muffin cup with the popsicle stick and place it at the bottom of the popsicle.


  1. Keep your guacamole from turning brown!

Does your guacamole go brown before you even get to finish it? Keep it green by pouring just enough water to cover the surface (this will ensure that oxygen doesn’t come in contact with the guac — which is what turns it brown!).


  1. Make your bananas last longer

Keep your bananas fresher by wrapping the end of the bunch with plastic wrap. This will make them stay fresh for longer. If your bananas go brown, freeze them and use them when you make banana cakes or banana bread.


Keep these hacks in mind and you’ll find yourself saving time and wasting less!

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